Agency Corner Inc. is a leading staffing provider and is dedicated to serve people with the right employment and development opportunities. Our success rests on helping you achieve your employment goals.

Agency Corner identifies potential candidates and connects employers with top-quality talent. We communicate and monitor industry standards with our potential job seekers and ensure all of our employers adhere to ethical business practices. Agency Corner strives to positively influence potential job seekers to promote high standards and beneficial employee/employer relationships. Our credibility is that we pursue high-quality individuals and match them with trusted employers – this is what we’ve built over the years in business within communities and their employers around Southwestern Ontario. We provide our clients with strategic support services and tools to succeed in achieving their objectives and meeting their employment needs.

Searching for top-quality talent and employment opportunities that are the right fit for your lifestyle can be challenging. Our staffing solutions strategy allows us to fulfill employment roles at a quick pace. Using our established database, our algorithm matches potential job seekers to employment opportunities.

Agency Corner has developed a portfolio of clients that trust our expertise when it comes to recommending employees. We’ve developed relationships with top employers in the region. We work to support potential employees and match them with our database of employers in Ontario. Discover our portfolio of job opportunities with our clients and find out how you can both benefit from our strategic partnerships.

Agency Corner understands the important of employee satisfaction – it helps bring a key element to your organization – loyalty. Higher levels of employee loyalty equal to greater employee productivity. Workers who feel that an employer values them are more motivated and “buy in” to the corporate culture. If you need a job or need to hire contract or permanent employees – we set the guidelines for potential employees and employers to ensure satisfaction on both ends.


Our value as a job agency is connecting job candidates to employers and fulfilling the needs of both sides. Let us help you grow together.


Establishing the connection between employers and candidates is our specialty.


Agency Corner works with various employers to ensure that your job search is quick & easy. We’ve got a variety of job opportunities that will meet your employment needs.

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Hire the top-quality talent for your job requirements.

Taking Care of Business

We make the employee hiring process efficient and arrange job details that encompass your job search criteria and ensure you hire the best.

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Grow your business and your career with Agency Corner.

Our top priority is you

Our staffing agency will help employees and employers grow their staff – as we arrange the appropriate job functions for each side of the employment table.

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